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THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS, SO MANY PITFALLS when buying a business, it would pay to work with a professional

Buying A Business

Buying a business that’s already established is sometimes less risky than starting a new one. However, there are still possible unforeseen risks and pitfalls. You need someone like Mike Redman in your corner- helping you figure out what you need to pay, and what you will get when you buy it. Mike will analyse the financial history of the business, the operational and marketing strengths, the all-important ‘people’ factor and then help you determine an appropriate purchase price and any special terms and conditions. The objective will be to determine what you can expect in sales, expenses and the bottom line – profit, the net return on your investment.

Looking around for a business can be a time consuming and frustrating task. There are literally hundreds of businesses for sale. Use Mike’s services to go through a structured process to set some dimensions around your particular objectives, and then let Mike sift through the available options, come up with a short list and then work with you through the process towards actually making an offer.

If the offer is accepted then there will need to be a period where due diligence takes place and this could also involve your accountant, tax adviser and legal adviser. Mike will work with your team to ultimately finalise the transaction and get you up and running.

Anytime you are making a major investment and life changing decision, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Mike Redman helps take some of that stress away. He knows when it’s the best time to buy a business, the sort of pitfalls to avoid, and can help you secure that one business that is going to meet your personal and business objectives. If you are ready to buy a business and start to work for yourself, or you are looking at acquiring a competitor or making a strategic investment to grow your business – then with Mike Redman at the helm you will have exactly what you need to make it happen.

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